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The county town of Lincolnshire, the ancient city of Lincoln dates back to the iron age. It’s a sure bet that this fine city, dominated by its stately cathedral and Norman castle, has had its fair share of pest problems over the centuries. Fortunately for the past 30 years or so All Pests, leading Lincolnshire pest control company, has been operating in the city doing a great job of keeping buildings of all sorts – ancient and modern – pest free.

We deliver a wide range of pest control services in Lincoln, discreetly, efficiently and professionally.

The most common pests we are called in to deal with are mice and rats in Lincoln, which are troublesome because they can carry a wide range of diseases that can be passed on to humans and also cause structural damage to property.

Commercial Pest Control in Lincoln

As well as ridding your home or business premises of an infestation of rodents in Lincoln, we can advise you expertly on how to keep them out in the future.

Other common pests in Lincoln – as in most well populated cities – are fleas and bedbugs, which we are highly experienced at eliminating safely for the long term.

We also deal with larger pests such as nuisance birds in Lincoln, as well as grey squirrels and urban foxes.

All Pests is committed to using humane methods of extermination and deterrents if, and where, this is necessary. Depending on the pest involved, and the degree of infestation, we prefer to be able to remove and relocate invasive creatures in Lincoln to approved areas out of harm’s way, particularly when it comes to endangered species such as bees.

Many of our pest control customers call on us to deal with domestic situations, but we also provide an economical service for commercial pest control in Lincoln. We cover all sorts of enterprises, including retail and industrial premises, hotels, restaurants, schools, pubs and even churches.

Ongoing pest control is vital for health and safety compliance for most businesses in Lincoln and throughout the country, so All Pests offers a contract service for ongoing pest monitoring and active pest prevention, to ensure the threat of pests is minimised and standards are maintained.

Speak to us about your commercial pest control requirements in Lincoln, particularly if you have a food-focused business, and we’ll be happy to tailor a package to suit you.

Our technicians are fully qualified and insured to deliver any pest control solution in Lincoln and other dense urban areas. We also work in the surrounding countryside eliminating pests on farms and country estates using quick, effective treatments.

If you’re troubled by nasty insects in Lincoln whether they be crawling, flying, stinging or biting; if you’ve heard noises in the attic and seen rat droppings; if there are birds or bats soiling your belfry; if moles are molesting your bowling green – give All Pests a call on 07961 927975 to arrange a free no-obligation consultation and quotation.

When you call us, we’ll give you a no-obligation quote FREE of charge and our best advice on how to eradicate your pest problems quickly and safely.

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