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All Pests are one of the regions top pest control services. We offer a wasp nest removal service which is affordable, fast and safe. We provide wasp removal & wasp control throughout Nottingham, Grantham, Worksop, Newark, Mansfield and Retford. Removing wasp nests yourself can be a tricky business, we would always recommend you contact a professional pest control service to handle the removal.

All Pests have 20 years experience in the removal of wasp nests and wasp control. Every member of our team have been fully trained, from locating the wasps nest, surveying your site for other nests and effectively treating the nest with professional grade chemicals you can not buy over the counter.

All Pests use professional strength treatments which quickly and effectively destroy the wasps nest & queen wasp that no DIY or over the counter product can provide. We understand most of our calls are urgent and we guarantee a fast and reliable service every time. All Pests aim to treat all wasp nests and wasp related problems within 24-48 hours. We use products and treatments that are safe for both your family and pets.

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After our initial treatment, we can arrange for return visits to ensure your pest problem is under control.

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Invisible Question
How close should I get to a wasps nest?
Do not go near or towards wasps nests, especially where you see activity of wasp drones flying in and around the wasp nest. Keep a safe distance and contact a professional like All Pests for help.
Where will I find a wasps nest?
Wasps nests usually populate around guttering and roofs. Anything from kids dens and playhouses, to bird’s nests and the trees in your garden, under or around garden decking or in sheds.

Wasps will find anywhere they feel suitable for nesting areas where they are likely to remain hidden from attack.

What can I do if I get stung?
Antihistamine tablets are a commonly used remedy wasp stings but seek advice from the NHS or your local GP or local chemist. Antihistamine tablets such as Piriton can help – however as with any medicines medical advice should be given by a professional.
How will you get rid of the wasps nest?
Whilst our technician is on your premises they will place wasp traps that are very modern that use technology, design and the application which has been proven safer with current practice. We can also fit wasp traps in the garden if you are concerned about more problems arising in the future. We are fully trained and professional pest control experts and wasp nest removal is our speciality.
When do wasps become a problem in the UK?
Wasp season as far as wasp nest removal is concerned tends to start around late July and in August that’s when things start to get busy and can go right through to November.
How do I wasp proof my home?
There are so many potential possibilities with gaps and entry points in a house that it is not totally possible for you to fully wasp-proof your home. You can safeguard your house continuously but you are unlikely to fill every single possible area or stop them from finding alternatives such as trees or sheds.

We recommend that you call in the professionals, we will be able to treat a wasps nest safely and properly. We have all the protective gear including wasp nets, top grade inspection gloves and safety goggles. We also have the correct equipment to reach high wasps nests including extensions and lances so we can treat nests in areas you might think on first sight are too dangerous to get to.

Can't I just treat the nest myself?
It’s not advisable but you can try. Just be aware that it can be very dangerous especially if a wasp stings you and you suffer from anaphylactic shocks which means your airways can be blocked with swelling and could have deadly consequences.


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